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Activated Carbon and Activated Charcoal


Carbon Resources is the most diverse provider of activated carbon and activated charcoal products in North America. Our focus is based upon technical application support with an emphasis of high quality control standards. We also provide a wide range of services that augment our product line. Our extensive activated charcoal and activated carbon products are being used in hundreds of applications worldwide such as water, food, air, mineral and chemical purification.

We are able to honor the requirements of hundreds of industries with our proprietary product lines comprising the Sabre Series®, Spartan Series®, Spectra Series®, and Guardian Absorber Series®. Carbon Resources can solve your purification problems with various forms of activated carbon and activated charcoal such as powdered activated carbon, granular activated carbon, and activated carbon pellets in various raw materials.

The Carbon Resources Advantage


The Carbon Resources Management Team has a collective experience of over 100 years in activated carbon technology. Carbon Resources personnel are proactive members of various industry organizations such as AWWA (American Water Works Association), WQA (Water Quality Association) to name a few. The Technical Director of Carbon Resources is the Vice-Chairman of the ASTM D-28 committee which governs all the testing protocols for every activated carbon and activated charcoal manufacturer worldwide.


Carbon Resources and its affiliates heavily invest in R&D and technology. We have the most advance grinding, screening and washing equipment as well as proprietary processes that allow enhanced adsorption of various compounds. We also can provide custom impregnations by partnering with our customers to optimize their process.

Quality Control

At Carbon Resources there is great emphasis on quality control. We have the most stringent testing procedures ranging from certified ASTM lot testing; independent lab verification; laser particle analysis to other customized quality control processes. Given that many of our activated charcoal and activated carbon products and services are individualized, it has been important for us to work alongside our customers to develop critical quality control methods to meet their demands.


Carbon Resources provides technical application support such as isotherm predictions, system design and analysis, on-site and off-site laboratory column and batch testing as well as a library of technical bulletins for our customers. No matter where you are located, we can service your activated charcoal and activated carbon needs from a Carbon Resources stocking location nearest to you.

We welcome you to discuss your project with an experienced Carbon Resources Representative at 1-760-630-5724.
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Carbon Resources offers a wide range of services to augment our product line